Paatashaala Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Yuvarathnaa

 Paatashaala Lyrics in English with Translation from the movie Yuvarathnaa : The song is sung by Vijay Prakash, Lyrics are Written by Santhosh Ananddram and the Music was composed by Thaman S. Starring Puneeth Rajkumar.

Paatashaala Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Yuvarathnaa


Track Name : Paatashaala
Album : Yuvarathnaa
Vocals : Vijay Prakash
Songwriter : Santhosh Ananddram
Music : Thaman S
Cast : Puneeth Rajkumar
Music-Label : Hombale Films

Paatashaala Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Yuvarathnaa

Patashala! Patashala! Patashala!
Deshakke Yodha Nadige Raitha Balige Guruvobba Tane
Akshara Kaliso Ajnana Aliso Avanoonu Annadatane

The School! The School! The School!
A country needs a soldier. Civilization needs a farmer, and life is incomplete without a guru.
For he instills the letter in us, eliminates the ignorance in us. He is indeed our provider.

Prathiyondu Mathu Kalitha Jaga
Prathi Hejje Guruthu Aritha Jaga
Kanasugala Jothege Nadeda Jaga
Snehithara Preethi Padeda Jaga

It is here we learned to express ourselves.
It is here we willfully took our strides.
It is here we walked towards our dreams.
It is here our friends showered all the love on us.

Yellaru Onde Illi Melu Keelilla
Jnanada Hasividdaga Modhalu Koneilla
Manaye Modhala Shale Tayine Guruvu
Tayigu Pata Helida Guruve Harivu

Everyone’s equal in here, for prejudice has no place here.
When the hunger to learn exists, there is no beginning or end to it.
Our homes are our first schools, Our mothers – our first teacher.
Our mothers, too, learned from the one – The Guru.

Yella Dhanaku Shreshta Vidhiye Ennuvudannu
Tilida Desha Namadu Vishwadha Kannu
Munde Guri Irabeku Hinde Guri Irabeku
Nambi Nadedare Saku Sarthaka Badhuku
Patashala Patashala Patashala Patashala

Our land believes education is the greatest of all charity.
Such is our country, a visionary one.
We need to have a goal ahead of us and a Guru having our back.
Trust and tread forward; life will indeed be fulfilling.
The School! The School! The School! The School!

Bereodu Hege Kandiddilli
Jotheagi Hanchi Tindiddilli
Hiriyarige Talebagi Nintiddilli
Badukuva Reeti Kalitiddilli

It is here we learned to come together.
It is here we shared our bites.
It is here we learned to bow to the elders.
It is here we learned the way of life.

Shikshana Shikshe Alla Namma Kayuva Rakshe
Pustaka Hidida Kaiyi Saridariya Nakshe
Tande Tayi Dudime Namma Belavanige
Tiddo Guruvina Talme Namma Baravanige

Education isn’t punishment but a charm that will protect us.
The hand that holds the book; holds the blueprint to the right path.
The hard-earned money of our parents helps us prosper.
The patience of a Guru helps us write our destiny.

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