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Bharat Mata ki Jai -Shanghai-LyricsMeaning & English Translation

Artist : Various
Album : Shanghai
Tracks : 0
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2012
Label : Unknown
Category : Upcoming Movies

Bharat Mata ki Jai -Shanghai-LyricsMeaning & English Translation

Apun ko bhi naa, ab habit lagela
Arrey naach magan, kaat mutton roj hai khana
Bharat mata ki, Bharat mata ki
Tum jai bolo jai Bharat mata ki jai
Sone ki chidiya, dengue Malaria
Gud bhi hai gobar bhi Bharat mata ki jai

Now I too, have got into the habit,
dance absorbed, cut mutton that we've to eat everyday..
for Mother India, for Mother India,
cheer loudly, hail Mother India..
The golden bird, (as well as) Dengue and malaria,
We have the good as well as the shitty, hail Mother India..

Tak dina din hum hoon sarkari hathiyaar pyaare
Koi kare awaaz aitraaz gaya bhaad pyaare
Arrey phir na kehna
Arrey peechhe hi rehna
Kasam yeh khaayi hai
Shehar Shanghai hai
Jo humne kahi rule wahi
Dhin tana na na

Music! I am the government weapon, O dear,
If someone makes a noise or has an objection, who cares,
Don't say a thing again,
Stay behind only,
The oath is taken,
This city is Shanghai (will be as developed as Shanghai)
Whatever we said would be the rule,

Bharat mata..

Arrey mangta hai hume chanda abhi, hume sooraj abhi
Bolo kya doge
Dhandha yeh, agar chanda nahin
Donation sahi bolo kya do ge
Naach magan kaat mutton roj hume khaana
Kar ke down shutter hume jannat banana
Aana jaana denga jaana

I donate (donations, means the moon) is the same, only now the sun, would
Say what you will ..
It is a business, not a charity and good works, even if
Will you tell me what charity ..
Mutton Cuts, dancing merrily, we have to eat every day
We have to bring down the shutter is a slice of heaven ..
Coming and going will then go on ..
Hey Bharat ma, Bharat ma..

hey Mother India.. Mother India..

Sone ki chidiya, dengue Malaria
Gurr bhi hai gobar bhi Bharat mata ki jai

Bharat mata..

Tak dhina dhin and dhin tana na are ways to express music, on which one can dance..

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